Hello, everyone.
I am trying to install XaraXtreme.
I've tried to install it with autopackage. Installation was successfull, but when i've tried to launch it an error occured: "Deleted stale lock file '/home/yaromir/.XARA-XTREME-WX-xaralx-yaromir'." But this file exist.
I've tried to use tarball. I've unpacked it to /src/ , then
yaromir@debian-yaromir:~$ /src/xaralx/bin/xaralx
bash: /src/xaralx/bin/xaralx: Access denied
Then i've tried to launch it as root
root@debian-yaromir:/home/yaromir# /src/xaralx/bin/xaralx
Segmentation Fault
Please help. I need good graphics editor for Linux very much.
P.S. I'm using Debian Lenny. Xara 0.7