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    Default How to install Xaralx - the semi-easy way

    This is how I install xaralx on my computer and has *always* worked for me... and will most likely work on any distro.

    1. Create a directory in your home folder called Programs (or name it whatever you want.

    2. Download the xaralx tarball from http://downloads.xara.com/opensource...ev1785.tar.bz2 this is the latest and in my opinion best version of xaralx (for linux) into the Programs folder

    3. Enter Programs folder and extract the tarball with the following command
    cd ~/Programs
    tar xvjf xaralx0.7_rev1785.tar.bz2
    Or use graphical extracting tool for example Ark in KDE

    4. When the tarball is extracted, you should have 1 folder named xaralx. You can delete the tarball. You can now start xaralx by typing the following command in a terminal.

    Which is a bit too much to write so lets create an icon on your desktop...
    This works for KDE havent got Gnome installed to try maybe someone else feels like helping?

    5. Right click on your Desktop and select Create New -> Link to Application.

    6. In the image that pops up change the "Link to Application" text to xaralx. Then click the Application tab.

    7. On the line where it says "Command:" click "Browse". A "Open file" window pops up

    8. In that window click yourself into Programs/xaralx/bin/ and click xaralx then the "Open" button.

    9. In the "Link to Application" window click OK.

    You should now have an icon on your desktop called xaralx double click it to start xaralx.

    I'm hoping this is of help to new users of xaralx. Post here if you know how to install on other distros direct from the repos which is alot easier for most new users.
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    Default Re: How to install Xaralx - the semi-easy way


    thanks for the information dude.....

    and do you have any links for reference s

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    Default Re: How to install Xaralx - the semi-easy way

    No problem, its just the way I install Xaralx.

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    Default Re: How to install Xaralx - the semi-easy way

    Also to make an ability to launch Xara from terminal you could create bash-script in /usr/local/bin .
    sudo gedit /etc/local/bin/xara
    Copy and paste your command
    to this file and save it.
    That's it. You can launch xara by typing "xara" in terminal.

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    Default Re: How to install Xaralx - the semi-easy way

    On kubuntu you enable the multiverse repository in Adept and then do a search for xaralx.



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