I am having a problem with PI-x3 when I crank up my computer. A menu
pops up asking to install a feature - "1" is the feature it shows in the menu.

Could someone tell me why PI-x3 keeps asking for this "feature" to install when I start up my computer?

I haven't followed through with the installation that it is asking for because I am not sure if it is trying to re-install the whole program. I have added presets and do not want the program to complete re-install again. I can re-install the presets if need be but, it takes a while get this done.

Also, I am having a problem with some of the presets not working at all and if some of them do work - they install the wrong color or pattern. Can someone tell me how to fix this? It was suggested that I use "run as administrator" which I have been doing but, the presets that will not work right - continue to not work right.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.