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Thread: Xara modules

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    I've banged on about this a lot, so I'll try and be brief here.

    I was told, by one of the team that a script or action/macro function would be a big job to put into place and should not expect one soon, but it occurs to me that if the hot-key functionality could be extended to ALL Xtremes tools, menu items, options and functions (including gallery buttons and numeric input to various fields - sizes etc.), this would go a long way towards making third party scripting software easier to use with Xtreme.

    I've tried several macro recorders, but they run into trouble when they cannot access a function with keyboard short-cuts and have to rely on mouse recording. When a mouse recording macro goes wrong (say you move a tool panel or change the interface in anyway) it can be a real pain, so is not worth using in my opinion.

    Would it be possible to extend the hot-key commands to all functions and options or is that another pipe-dream?

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    I may be all wrong as I have not kept up with programming over the years.

    For a scripting functionality to be included into a program the underlying code must be written to expose the 'objects' in a specific manner.

    This is most easily done by using a high level Object Oriented language. High Level means further away from the processor's native language.

    Xara Xtreme achieves it's amazing speed by being written in a very low level language that does not easily lend itself to exposing 'objects'.

    Scripting support adds additional code to the program and additional work for the processor.

    If I am totally incorrect, I'm sure one of the programmers can provide more accurate information.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AntonM View Post
    Regrettably true -- but I'm thinking about the likes of Dmitry (AccessD), and there must be others. If Xara made a really easy to use system (and Xara has a history of using RISC OS and its modules and SWI calls), there would be more. I live in hope!
    Dunno, drawing and programming are really worlds apart :\ I have nothing against such a scripting engine, but it simply doesn't seem doable. Look at how XaraLX is progressing...
    Don't expect though that programmers like Dmitry are waiting for all the requests from other users who say Gee, it would be cool if we had this or that effect
    Programming takes time. If people started requesting these things all the time, those programmers might go away from TG in order to avoid mass requests

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    Question Re: Xara modules

    Just wondering, are many, here, using Macro Express? Thanks
    Tom - Hwy101

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hwy101 View Post
    Just wondering, are many, here, using Macro Express? Thanks
    I use it for extremely specific needs, and not all the time.

    For example, I once had to vette a 1,200 item product catalog to ensure that a new product numbering system had been implemented correctly. Excel macros wouldn't handle the complexity, but Macro Express did, though it took me several iterations of tweaking (not Macro Express's fault -- my macro writing skills were put to the test and found somewhat lacking).

    When my RSI flares up, I use it for some voice recognition needs with Dragon Naturallyspeaking. The $40 investment for Macro Express saved me from ponying up $400 for Naturallyspeaking Professional with a less-capable macro utility.

    There are ways to reach into (some) window controls that can handle the problem of dynamic windows or toolbars mentioned in MarkMyWords' posting (#12), but I haven't tried them on Xara. Xara's windows may well be non-standard. I generally use macros that depend on keyboard shortcuts, as MMW suggested.




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