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    Default YouTube video Tutorials and Demos of Xara3D

    YouTube is very popular and some of our members have made Tutorials and posted Demo movies for Xara3D.

    This list is dated July 11, 2007.

    Create a Vector from a Bitmap from Egg Bramhill

    xara3d : Shapes with Different Sized Extrusions from Egg Bramhill

    xara3d JRRTolkiens logo reproduced in xara3d from Egg Bramhill

    xara3d : Using "Sizing Pixels" from Egg Bramhill

    xara3d : Using "Sizing Pixels" 2 from Egg Bramhill

    xara3d to Flash from Egg Bramhill

    xara3d Multi Coloured Text from Egg Bramhill

    Flash tutorial integration with Xara 3D6 from Availor

    flash xara 3D integration from Availor

    Not a tutorial but an enthusiastic users demonstration of Xara3D
    My Most Favorite Program from lockergnome a.k.a. Chris Pirillo
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