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    Default Bug? Animation export compresses jpegs- help says it doesn't...

    I have a multipage animation, this dumb website I'm still working on ( mainly still to comprehend what Xara can do... ) It's ten pages ( animation frames ) with some EGG and Xchris _level and _frame stuff in it....

    So I go to export the thing to SWF, and in the help file it indicates that PNG and non-jpg images are converted to jpg as per the slider quality/compression indication. There's a special note help that says that jpgs are not converted because it would decrease quality:

    ==============================help file:
    JPEG quality

    Set the compression level of converted bitmaps in the exported Flash file. A lower number means a smaller size but also lower quality.

    Note: non-JPEG bitmaps in your document, such as PNG files, will be converted to JPEGs in the exported Flash file as this is a more efficient file format for Flash animations. The JPEG quality slider sets the compression level for these conversions. JPEGs that you place into the document will not be re-converted as this could cause a loss of quality. If you wish to reduce the size of native JPEGs see the Photos in Flash animations topic.

    How come when all I have is jpgs in my animation, like 12 I think, ( jpgs which were previously imported one at a time and then exported at lower res, then re-imported into the animation ) I can still move the slider and decrease my SWF size at will?

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    Default Re: Bug? Animation export compresses jpegs- help says it doesn't...

    It shouldn't be re-compressing JPEGs, and doesn't seem to for the simple design I just tried. I just had a JPEG filled shape moving between 2 key frames. The size of the swf file is the same no matter what JPEG quality setting I choose.

    Can you attach your design please so we can take a look?



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    Default Re: Bug? Animation export compresses jpegs- help says it doesn't...

    thank you - im having trouble uploading the xar, and now im recovering from a crash. will rty again.




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