There are two options if you wish to share your animations with other members of TalkGraphics.

Option 1: attaching a file
Just click the paperclip at the top of the editing window, and upload your file. The SWF will be attached to the post and users can choose to click on the link and open it.

Option 2: posting it in a message
You can also post it so that it appears in your message. If you have the SWF file hosted on your own web space, all you need is include is just one line of text:

HTML Code:
[flash=http://site/path/file.swf]width=500 height=128[/flash]
Just set the file location to where your SWF file is, and set the required width and height. You can find a full list of vB codes here.

Not got your own web space?
If you don't have your own web space, but still want to post the SWF file in your message, follow the steps in Option 1. Once you have attached the file, right click the attachment link and copy the URL. Edit your post, then follow the steps in Option 2.

Egg Bramhill has also created an interactive tutorial which can be found here.