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    Smile Re: Xara Xtreme Flash

    I *love* the new Flash function on XaraPro! Very cool. About five years ago I got an evaluation version of Flash and just couldn't make sense of it so I gave up. Here's my first Xara effort! It can only get better :-)


    PS: Took me a while to find out how to put the swf file in here. In case others have the same problem:
    HTML Code:
    [flash=http://site/path/file.swf]quality=high width=500 height=128 parameter=parameter_value[/flash]

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    Default layers and scrub bar in preview

    Love the simple small file flash animation in Xara,
    great quick tool to make nice fading backgrounds and banners and
    the file output size is wonderful..

    I`d love a scrub bar to move through the preview faster to check
    the part of the animation I want to check, as when the animation gets
    long it becomes a drag whenever I want to preview (and preview often) and wait until it gets to the part I want to watch, scrub bar to move through it to that part?

    layers would rock,

    I`d love to be able to warp and morph vector shapes actually, that would be a huge deal for cartooning..

    so be able to adjust the position of nodes (points) from keyframe to keyframe,
    not add more points or delete them, as this might require more file size? (obvious I`m not a programmer) but be able to pull existing points around on the vector shapes path to adjust the shape,

    right now I do the warping by grouping the shape and then stretching squashing it that way..

    Also in illustrator they have this tool punk/bloat/nudge?
    where you can push against a shape and it nudges the shape around,
    like putty, not sure how to describe it..and a twirl tool which is way narly!!

    um...can we get that, ...I know theres more important issues to address,
    just asking hehe..

    looking forward for more to come with flash capabilities...

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    Default Re: Xara Xtreme Flash


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