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    When creating animated gifs, I always felt that the layer gallery was backwards - having the next animated frame added on top, instead of below. That your first frame was now at the bottom and last frame on top. It would be like having the animated frames run right to left if it were horizontal. Now it's like a film strip, with the first frame at the top, last frame at bottom.

    For illustrations, having a new layer added on top makes sense and even then that new layer may be re-inserted between two previous layers. But for animation, the next frame would follow the previous frame and not before. So I guess I'm one who likes this switch.

    Not having any experience in Flash animation software, this addition to Xtreme is a plus. For making animated banners and graphics to spice up what would normally be a static web page. So much better than animated gifs and easier to do too. I was surprised at how easy it was.

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