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    Default Buttons grayed out in Webstyle 4

    I am using Dreamweaver 8. When I click on the Webstyle Button or use the Insert menu in Dreamweaver, Xara Webstyle 4 starts up fine but when I click on "NavBar & Menus" or any of the other selections in Webstyle 4, all the buttons in Webstyle 4 are grayed out and I can not edit any of the selections. (text, colors,Background, size, etc.) How can I fix this?
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    Unhappy Re: Buttons grayed out in Webstyle 4


    I see we are having the same or similar problem. I can't get my navbar to appear when I preview the web pages in my browsers. When I click on the navbar to edit, the Properties Managers shows only the Dreamweaver properties and not the WebStyle 4 properties if I have used the theme web pages from WebStyle4.

    Anyone helped you yet?

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    Unhappy Re: Buttons grayed out in Webstyle 4

    I'm having the same problem but in MX not 8. I created a graphic and opened it in my Projects. I can see it but the buttons are grayed out. I can't edit it.

    Did you figure this out or did anybody help you?


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    Default Re: Buttons grayed out in Webstyle 4

    i am facing same problem too. i think still no one have solution

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    Default Re: Buttons grayed out in Webstyle 4

    Jooh, same problem by me.
    Just reinstalling will fix it (for a particular time)
    Best regards

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    Default Re: Buttons grayed out in Webstyle 4

    The buttons down the left hand side of Webstyle are greyed out and unclickable, it could be caused by one of the following reasons:

    1) Are you sure you've unlocked your copy of Webstyle? After the trial period has expired you can continue to use the photo editor for free, but other functionality is disabled and the buttons will become inoperable for all other features. To unlock Webstyle run the trial, click on Unlock Webstyle, enter your email address and password and click Connect.

    2) Have you copied templates to Webstyle's program folder? Templates must be installed either via the 'update' button in Webstyle, or from the product CD. Copying them from a previous installation (for example if you've reinstalled Windows) or another directory will fail. We suggest uninstalling Webstyle and removing any template folders you have manually copied, then doing a fresh reinstall from your CD.

    3) You have connected to an account from which webstyle has not been purchased. You should always ensure that any template pack purchases are made from the same account as you used to purchase Webstyle.

    Close down Webstyle
    Next select start followed by run and type regedit
    navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\Xara\Webstyle 4\Startup
    Right click on The registry entry named Template version and select modify. Set the value data to 0 (zero) and click okay
    Restart Webstyle. Click on the top left corner causing the system menu to be displayed and select 'Dont connect Automatically'
    Click on the update webstyle button
    Enter your member name and password and select to sign on to cause the download and install of the templates to occur

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    Default Re: Buttons grayed out in Webstyle 4

    Thanks for the regedit above.....worked great!

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    Default Re: Buttons grayed out in Webstyle 4

    I tried with the registry but that does not work. There is no entry "Template version"
    In my WS4 there are no menu on the top left corner !!!
    WS4 my menus are gray.
    I use them for years and it has always worked.
    Thank's for helping




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