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    Sallybode's gold text topic in the Corel Draw forum got me started on this one. Following her general description, I played around with PI's tools and came up with the results below. PI has great 3D vector effects, but the results below did not use them. Just started with text converted to image objects, gaussian blur, wavy curve adjustments, colorized and overlaying layers with various blend modes. It's the hard way, I know, but I just had to see if they could be done... http://www.talkgraphics.com/images/smilies/biggrin.gif


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    Looks good, Grafixman,

    Lots of fun playing with metals, eh?

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    There are things that PI can do with metals that would be weeks to do in other programs, I was excited to see what could be done in PhotoPaint because it makes better metallic effects than I could easily get in Photoshop. Working under a deadline, PP was better. But if I had my choice, with combing what I know of Tone Curve editing, and all the reflection and bump maps that come with PI, it is the better editor, also you don't have to rasterize to get most of the effects and exporting to any program for print isn't a problem, PI prints beautifully.

    I just wish it offered some more support for CYMK than just outputting four grayscale files.
    Every day's a new day, "draw" on what you've learned.

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