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    Hello. I am deeply appreciative of all the
    talent here and the sharing of knowledge
    using XaraX. And I thank everyone for their
    sharings, tutorials, etc.

    I would like to see some photo-realism
    tutorials , especially those aimed at mimicking

    My request for realism geared at people
    instead of just objects is that such portrayals
    are more involved, harder to achieve. My
    reason for this request is not to see how
    to exactly "clone" a picture, but to learn other's techniques and processes. I know
    this will involve the use of blends,
    transparencies, and so on, but I'd like to
    move beyond basics, into learning how
    others do utilize the tools before them.

    I am aware that in times past there have
    been a few tutorials on this, but I am eager
    to see what present day inputs folks will
    share here. So, if you "shine" in this area
    of achieving realism with folks, or just have
    some ideas along these lines, please do share
    here. I, along with many others, I'm sure,
    would greatly benefit from your inspiration,
    skill and direction.

    Thank you.


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    I will second that motion...

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    Try these links from the XaraXone:


    And I also remembered one by the great Vladimyr... I just couldn't find it right now. Would be nice if he dropped by more often and reveals some of his secrets.

    Christine Farelly also did some remarkable work.

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    Thank you, Grafixman. I am very much aware
    of these past tutorials you mentioned. I am
    just hoping that someone else will share their
    procedures -- what they look for, what they
    avoid, the steps they take, "tricks", etc.

    Tutorials on trying to achieve realistic
    portrayals of people are so RARE. I want to
    hear and and see how they approach the
    subject, so I myself can learn. I want to
    gain a new perspective (mind set) on how
    the tools are applied so I can grow in using
    them myself. And I am sure whatever is
    shared in this area will "carry over" to other
    uses elsewhere.

    Thank you.


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    Digital Automotive Rendering

    You should check this out. It is a DVD demo on rendering in Photoshop. In essense, if you know how to use Xara, you can achieve the same EFFECTS.

    Photorealism is a function of value. If you don't understand how value and edges behave, you won't be able to achieve photorealistic results regardless of what software you use.

    Try this: Create a white circle and fill it with a black elliptical fill to make a shadow. Then create a cast shadow on the ground plane. Make sure that your cast shadow has sharp edges and your form shadows have soft edges.

    That's all you need to know. If you can make a circle look like a shere, you can make other form look believable as well.

    It's not about the amount of detail, it's about he amount of believable VALUE STRUCTURE.

    If you want to do people, start in black and white. Get a good picture of say Alfred Hitchcok and try and duplicate it in Xara. You will learn more trying to figure it out for yourself than by searching for tutorials.
    My Site

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    Thank you, Sheff, for your info and for the link.
    I'll investigate both and see where it leads me.


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    You are very correct there is so much talent on
    the forum...It's overwhelming!
    I'm too sure of what you're looking for but if
    you take a look at this piece..just maybe something can be gotten. I did this bit to show
    my unorthodox way of doing a type of 'realism'
    Bill Clegg
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    Now that was a different take on things, and I gained a fresh presepctive. When I attempted the drawing of my wife I drew it totally different. Yours was 100% easier.

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    Thank you, Bill, for your instructions, very
    helpful. As John commented, this gives me a
    new perspective, mindset for approaching such
    things. It's sharing such as this that pumps new
    insights into my noggin' ... simple "show and tell"
    that is beneficial and much appreciated.





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