I've read your posts throughout these forums over the last week or so, and it appears to me that you're looking for a program that will do what you tell it to do like a genie. It doesn't exist.

Many programs, from Adobe, Ulead, Xara, Corel, etc. have the features necessary to produce the text effects you have fallen in love with. However, just downloading a demo and playing with it for a few hours will not make you a master graphic guru.

The people that design those covers probably have years of experience in art and layout. They have probably been using the programs for quite some time, knowing tricks and techniques that aren't in the 'Help" files. Many special effects are done using plug-ins from other companies, not just off-the-shelf applications. They know their programs, that's how they make them perform!

Throughout these forums, for any of the software, there are amazing graphics being produced, stuff that leaves me speechless, with an occasional piece of crap for balance. The beautiful thing is that most of these artists that participate are more than willing to give advice, write tutorials, and show what they know to people like us. Give yourself the opportunity to learn from these people, and put in the time to master one or two of these graphic software apps. Then, once you've figured out a few tricks of your own, you can create the next "killer graphic" that everybody else wants to know how to do, and you can share it with them here!

Toograffic- peace!

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