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    Re: Is that true?

    I downloaded the Publisher beta this week and I'll tell you, I believe that this will be a great piece of software when all is said and done. They included an email with 16 tutorials and are asking...
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    Re: Is that true?

    I personally jumped to Affinity Designer. Works better and is WAY less expensive. I have supported Xara for years, but when they went subscription everything went down hill and remained an expensive...
  3. Re: xara.com getting even further from the Xara DEsigner products?

    I got my Xara renewal notice today... $129.00. I made a decision instead to pay $49.99 for Affinity Designer... OH MY! Have you guys seriously looked at this program? It is amazing! I have supported...
  4. Re: xara.com getting even further from the Xara DEsigner products? - Mobrise

    Stay away from Mobirise. The true function comes in them gutting your wallet of it's cash. I have been there so I know.

    I am now running our website on WordPress, using the Elementor builder. It...
  5. Re: xara.com getting even further from the Xara DEsigner products?

    The latest email from Matt at Xara proves to me that they are focusing on the Cloud portion of their product.The Line Spacing controls and the SVG support are better in the Cloud version than in the...
  6. Re: Xara Designer Pro X and Photo & Graphic Designer Updates

    I don't know... it's all starting to make me take a serious look at Affinity Designer. Slow updates and subscription to get hardly anything.
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    Re: Need font identification

    I do not know, but I always ask these folks to help and it has never failed; http://fontid.co
  8. Re: Web Designer Premium 365 Update (November 2016)

    The ability to keep the content catalog open is a huge improvement for me! But how do you do it?
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    Re: Xara Web Designer for emails?

    Or even better option: https://www.coffeecup.com/email-designer/
  10. Need To Create Navigation Like This...

    I have had a request to create website navigation like the menus found here: http://www.cnet.com/

    Not the picture links, but the links at the top of the page (text.) When you hover over the...
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    Re: Somebody Has To Do It!

    Thanks everyone. I do like the effect but I also think that it has been overdone.
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    Re: Somebody Has To Do It!

    After some trial and much error, I may be figuring it out a little bit. Take a look at what I'm working on: http://ricksworks.com/portmans/

    The idea is to create "sections" that have the...
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    Somebody Has To Do It!

    Alright everyone, somebody is going to have to do a complete tutorial on creating a website using the parallax effect in 365 Premium. I just cannot figure out how to do it in a classy and really...
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    Internal Error

    I have been getting an internal error every time I apply the shadow effect to page elements: Internal Program Error 1994.k.no.nt

    This is in the newest version of 365 Premium.
  15. Re: Animation Made with Xara Designer Pro for Pianoteq Contest

    I'm a television commercial producer and I liked your animation. As an animator myself, I really enjoyed what you've done with it... AND I did vote for your video in the contest.

    Great job.
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    Variant Sizes

    Hey everyone! So, what variant sizes are you all creating? I have only been using 2 sizes (1000px and 420px.)

    Let me know your experiences with the sizes.
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    Re: Can this be done in Xara

    With that being said, it looks like it can be done to a degree. Coff**C*p has it out of the box with their RSD program, but I would prefer to get it with my much more expensive Xara program (DP11.)...
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    Re: Photolooks custom Presets sharing thread


    Here are a few of my "spot focus" custom looks. You will notice the in focus/soft focus areas. All of these can be adjusted easily to focus where you want.
  19. Re: Groovy spinning panels! Receding menus! Can WD10 do this?

    It would require a mouseover event such as the animations in CSS3. Take a look at this: http://daneden.github.io/animate.css/
  20. Re: Wowslider Program not working with Premium 10

    Why can't these fixes be issued in the way of an update to the program?
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    Re: Mr. PixelPusher's nTune Website

    Thanks for the post Donald. This is an ongoing project and of course web design is a subjective art. I have simplified the navigation and made it horizontal. The vertical always took up space that...
  22. Re: Xara Web Premium 10 RUINED My Clients Website!!!!

    Hello Egg... yeah I'm not sure why the scrollbar isn't working. I have noticed the same thing. I'm still tweaking with this site off and on, but at least now I believe I have the mobile variant...
  23. Re: Xara Web Premium 10 RUINED My Clients Website!!!!

    I am noticing that some of the text is off in places. None of the text is being shared and it looks fine in the program, but upon publish, it's messed up in several areas. I'll have to figure out...
  24. Re: Xara Web Premium 10 RUINED My Clients Website!!!!

    Yep, could definitely make it look much better if I could figure a navbar solution that was more responsive. Otherwise, it IS working for now. I will continue to tweak and play but it's getting there.
  25. Re: Xara Web Premium 10 RUINED My Clients Website!!!!

    OK... I think I may be making headway with this. Check it out now and see what you think... http://ntunemusic.com

    I have checked it out all the way down to my iPod Touch and it seems to be working...
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