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  1. Re: Design a Logo for XaRT

    If you like when I get home I will put together vector version.
  2. Re: Design a Logo for XaRT

    Here are some of my color experiments. They are down and dirty so just view with a grain of salt. The two largest are similar to what you have except for the check mark.
    I have not yet...
  3. Re: Design a Logo for XaRT

    I totally agree with Gare about the blue. Another thing I noticed that bothers me is the dark brown background on the Xart logo, it is too close in value to the blue check mark and the check mark...
  4. Re: Design a Logo for XaRT

    I dunno, personally I like the green and the dark red one. They all seem strong to me. The Xart logo looks especially good. the two parts read as an X yet are separate. I do not get a feeling of that...
  5. Re: Design a Logo for XaRT

    Barbara that is a very good design. I hope Gracehjs can figure out how to implement it.
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