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    Re: Help! Resolution Issues

    go to google and look for a resolution chart-----inches and pixels. Now open photoshop and start by creating your file in the size you need or bigger, always easier to downsize and not loose quality,...
  2. I am currently an Adobe Creative Cloud user--test driving Xara Designer Pro X10

    I asked this in the photography forum, did not see this until after I already posted. My question is anyone using Xara Designer Pro X10, if so is there a tool like Adobe's Refine Edge?
    I can't seem...
  3. does Designer Pro x10 have a tool similiar to Adobe's Refine Edge?

    I have Adobe and am test driving Designer Pro x10, but don't see a tool similar to the Adobe Refine Edge.
    This tool is really handy for hair.
    I do a lot of photography manipulations, love the...
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