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  1. Re: Is latest Web Designer 'properly' responsive?

    I don't understand what you mean exactly. With html, css, and javascript there's complete control; after all, this is precisely what Xara uses in a round-about way.

    What Xara does not do is...
  2. Re: Missing Tables - I really need a Table

    If you DID buy directly from MAGIX, then perhaps this will help:


    (UPGRADE from the above link to version 16).
  3. Re: Missing Tables - I really need a Table

    Version 12 is old, old, old.

    Versions were 11, 12, 15, and now 16.

    Honestly! I think you should return your purchase and buy online directly from Xara/Magix.

    BUT, be sure to buy the...
  4. Re: Missing Tables - I really need a Table

    Out in 6 weeks? You don't have to wait 6 weeks!

    Download the trial version of Pro X 16 and you will be able to do what you want with the latest & greatest.

    Premium used to be "premium" years...
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    Re: I thought flash died

    So are Atari and Commodore 64 games.
    HTML5 is still being defined.
    Perhaps you don't plan on living much longer.

    In many ways HTML5 is better.
    Flash is still a security problem.
    Use at...
  6. Re: I would like to avoid certain pages being published - How ?

    My answer was similar, but much more gracious. Of course, do what you choose, but this is how I do things.

    Most servers have a dedicated ip because you may have bought one for SEO purposes. If...
  7. Re: Webdesigner Pro updating from 15 to 16 problem

    ...which is precisely why I never use Xara to ftp anything.

    I always export and upload with a dedicated ftp program...
    however, having said that, your passwords should change.
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    Re: Palm Pilot

    ahh, yes. The predecessor of the iPhone! Looking good.
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    Re: I thought flash died

    Flash was ditched because it had become a security risk.
    HTML5 is/was supposed to take care of the need for flash.

    I'm still waiting for everything to be sorted.
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    Re: Why I may abandon Xara

    hmm... �� Well, I don't know how well it would work, but if in the same position as the OP, I would install Xara Pro X locally on a strong PC and remotely access it with a pad, mac, or whatever --...
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