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Topics of conversation and spamming rules
Do not join TalkGraphics.com to spam. This includes "I've just found this website…" posts, website links posing as feedback requests and other spam masquerading as useful information. If one of your first posts is plugging a website or product you will be banned. Please get involved with the community before you post links.

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Legal information
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Off-topic chat
It is each member's responsibility to ensure they post in the correct forum. Please take time to acquaint yourself with the different forums on offer to ensure you that you post in the correct place. Although we don't ban general chat in posts, we ask that you be respectful of other users and the originator of a topic by not straying too far in the conversation.

Moderators reserve the right to close, move or delete topics that aren't appropriate for that forum. So please consider carefully that your topic is relevant to the forum in which you are posting.

Email address
It is important to always have a valid email address listed under your account (other users will not see this, so there is no risk of spam). If you do not keep a valid address listed on your account we reserve the right to suspend your posting privileges.

Supplemental information
Additional rules will be emailed to you once you have activated your account, and should be read before posting at TalkGraphics.com.