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    Default A New Challenge-Animals Fur

    Hi to everybody!!

    I am a Xara designer user.

    I am trying to do a Loris animal with this technique (BEARY POTTER -2002 / http://www.xaraxone.com/tutorials/sep02/index.html) but i couldn't do it, even i followed all the instructions.

    If somebody has the brush and the xara file with the bear project could to share it with me. I just want to see how i can do that step by step from the original file.

    ..........or if somebody knows how can i do that, please help me in this extreme challenge.

    Thanks for your help, i really need that to my new project.

    My email address is xxxxxxx, just in case somebody can help me.

    Claudia C.Kastanis
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    Default Re: A New Challenge-Animals Fur


    Welcome to TalkGraphics. Your post was moved from the Challenges forum to this one. The Challenges forum is not where you get help or ask for help, it is where members participate in organized contests. You need to post in the right areas.

    I know that you are new here, and that you had trouble signing up and so on so I am willing to bend the rules a bit for you on your first post. I'm sure that you will find answers for questions you have - we have may very helpful and knowledgeable volunteers - but you must do your part and learn your way around a bit before posting. Please read the FAQs, the Forum descriptions and sticky posts before you post again.

    I've removed your email address from your post. It is considered rude to ask for a private answer to a question in a public fourm. When someone answers your question, they are providing answers not only for you but for all those who come by and read the posts in the years to come. And it is frowned upon from a spam and safety point of view to post your email address in forum posts.

    When you ask for help you really need to describe what exactly you need help with, just saying that an entire tutorial didn't work for you isn't helpful. I'm sure someone will come along and try to help you -- but I'm sure they are going to need more information than you've given.

    So please be patient and be prepared to explain exactly what you need to learn or have explained.
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    Default Re: A New Challenge-Animals Fur

    Hello Claudia,

    The part of the tutorial concerning creating the brush begins on page 3 of the tutorial and is reasonably straight forward.

    Take care, Mike

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    Default Re: A New Challenge-Animals Fur

    Hello Claudia, Welcome to Talkgraphics

    I see from your profile you are using Designer Pro X, DPX has a wonderful shape builder and eraser tool that you can use to create a very natural looking fur effect. I have attached a step by step tutorial in .xar format that you can download and take apart the vector art as well as follow my steps. In this tutorial I have done an ear but it should give you the idea of how to do the rest of the animal.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	fur tut.jpg 
Views:	110 
Size:	150.1 KB 
ID:	90109

    drawing fur with the Shapebuilder tool.xar
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    Default Re: A New Challenge-Animals Fur

    I thought that tutorial by Gary was he best! although there has been others on this subject, Egg's doing Chewbacca was also good: http://www.xaraxone.com/guest/guest40/page_1.htm
    If you find Gary's difficult start off with Egg's as it is simpler. I did a different style of bear and used these two brushes which you can use no problems but it wasn't as good as Gary's.
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    Default Re: A New Challenge-Animals Fur

    Thanks to everybody for the help. Now I have to practice.

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    Default Re: A New Challenge-Animals Fur

    I made some fur brushes way back when I did that tutorial. You can download the set here http://www.xaraxone.com/html/fills_and_brushes_1.html The brushes are about 1/2 way down the page.

    Welcome to TalkGraphics.
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