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    Default Windows Phone 7, Windows 8 and Metro

    I've been wondering how the Metro design is going to shift fashion in web design. The plain blocks of colour, cropped text to hint at more to find, dynamic panels showing key ideas and information, and absence of 3D effects, bevels, shiny stuff ('chrome') etc is what it is about. Here are three articles which talk about these ideas:


    and this one (whilst about mobile phones) has some thoughts of relevance to general web design:

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    Default Re: Windows Phone 7, Windows 8 and Metro

    Hi Simon,

    Windows 8 metro and the Nokia phone have brought back memories of the days when interfaces were plain jane blocks of color. Just goes to show that what goes around eventually comes back around. I wonder if they will eventually bring back monochrome.

    Nostagic and a bit sad at the same time. The movie "Titanic" was re-released recently in 3D. One of the recurring comments on TV news and the internet was young people thinking that the movie was fiction and surprised that it had been an actual historic event. That is the kind of sad that the "new" interfaces remind me about.

    I'm just an old curmudgeon.

    Windows 8 preview is installed on one of my machines and it isn't bad. I will probably install it on a machine when it is released.
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    Default Re: Windows Phone 7, Windows 8 and Metro

    Thanks for the links. The Windows Phone article was very interesting.




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