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    Default dynamic page tweak - please help


    Guys and gals I badly need your help! I am trying to embed a blogger blog in an iframe into my site (webdesigner 6) and I have the tweek for the dynamic page (which I understand allows the page to grow and shrink according to the dynamic content) but cannot get it to work so I'm hoping someone can help. The page I want to embed the iframe into is very simple indeed, no header and no footer just a plain colour background, the client does not want any scroll bars (which would happen if I just used the iframe - the content could get quite long in length)

    the link for the page for the blog is below to show as an example of how simple it is.


    Could someone please show me how to do this as it has me completly stumped

    This is the code I have but where do I add the code to show the content:

    Replace blank php code with
    your dynamic content.
    <div id="my_d_content" style="width:100%; position:absolute;">

    <?php ?>


    If someone could help out on this it would be massively appreciated.

    thank you
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    Default Re: dynamic page tweak - please help

    I don't think you can really use the dynamic page tweak with an iframe. The dynamic page tweak adjusts the length of the page based on on-page content but the content in an iframe will be invisible to it and so the length of the page won't change. Also the iframe itself would need to change size not just the page and the tweak doesn't do that at all.
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