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    Default Xara Web Designer Background Image?

    So there is no background image option?

    I cannot even see a way to make a gradient background?

    I really don't want just a plain boring background.

    Or, am I missing something?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Default Re: Xara Web Designer Background Image?

    Hello Paraleyes, welcome to Talkgraphics! There are ways to have repeating backgrounds, images as backgrounds and gradient backgrounds, the best place to ask about this is in the Xara Web Design area you will get answers to your web related questions much faster there.
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    Default Re: Xara Web Designer Background Image?

    Welcome to TalkGraphics

    If you are referring to the page itself or the pasteboard area behind the page, the answer is you can do this to either.

    For the pasteboard area, create a tall thin image that is taller than you expect your deepest page to go (something like 100px x 2500px). Apply a fill to this area and then create a bitmap copy (Arrange > Create Bitmap Copy).

    Open the Bitmap Gallery, select the image, hold down the Ctrl key and drag and drop the bitmap onto the pasteboard.

    You can also Ctrl drag and drop a bitmap fill onto the page.
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    Default Re: Xara Web Designer Background Image?

    Ooops! Wrong forum. Sorry. Noob. hehe I wasn't thinking people use this for vector stuff too. I will ask this again in the correct forum.

    Umm wait.. This is the xara web design area. ???

    Thanks gwpriester! The tall thin trick I used to do for gradient blends on backgrounds. I'll do this if I can't get the image I want to work out.

    You can also Ctrl drag and drop a bitmap fill onto the page.
    Awwwh.. got it!
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