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    Default Photo Replacement in WD8 not working?

    WD8 doesn't seem to offer the "replace all photos or just this one?" menu when replacing a photo in an animation. This function is super-helpful when you have to change out a photo within an animation that has the same image on multiple slides.

    Can you bring it back? Or is there something that I'm missing? It worked in WD7 just fine for me, but doesn't seem to work in WD 8.

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    Default Re: Photo Replacement in WD8 not working?

    Yes this function has changed. You should now soft-group similar photos if you want them all to be replaced.

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    Default Re: Photo Replacement in WD8 not working?

    Thought I read that dropping more than 1 photo on the first photo will replace the whole group and you will be prompted if you drop more than the number of images present in the group to have them all added. Not sure I totally understand this simply because I haven't done it. But hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Photo Replacement in WD8 not working?

    That's a different kettle of fish to the topic wolfcoach is asking about.

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    Default Re: Photo Replacement in WD8 not working?

    Problem with that new way of doing it - works horribly for animations...

    Correct my process if I'm wrong here, but it appears to be a total hassle to replace multiple images of the same object in an animation by soft-grouping - mostly because it is a complicated process to open up multiple layers of an animation and select the same object across multiple layers and then soft-group them. In fact, it's counter-intuitive to do so based on how the animation tool creates and adds new frames with the same object in them. You would have to add a new frame, open up the page gallery, select both frames, select the same object in both frames, and soft-group them, and then repeat that process with every frame that the object was in. If that object is in 4 frames, you would have to repeat that process 4 times because all 4 frames need to be synced in order to create a proper soft-group adequate for the right replacement condition.

    If I were king for a day, I wouldn't necessarily change the new soft-grouping portion for the web site (although I'm not a fan of it - I see no damage in offering a convenience menu like WD 7 did for photo replacement) but to correct the animation glitch this new rule makes I would simply add a rule that said if the object had the same NAME and/or was in the same soft-group it would offer the "replace all?" convenience menu.

    Let me know if I'm not correctly understanding the issue here. I'm a big fan of WD and use it regularly because of it's easy scalability when it comes to quick photo object replacement, which WD7 was definitely in better alignment with based on this new rule.

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    Default Re: Photo Replacement in WD8 not working?

    I agree, for animations this change isn't useful.




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