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    Default head tags

    I need to insert some code which has to appear in the top line of <head>
    Creating a placeholder and naming it <head> isnt working, it's inserting the code in the last line of the head section.

    How is it possible to insert and appear as top line anyone please?

    This is the code I am inserting btw
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE8" >

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    Works fine in WD6 when naming the placeholder <head> and putting the code into the Placeholder tab of Web Properties>>Replace with HTML code then pressing 'Apply'

    See attached
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    Thanks for demo - I've viewed it, but again in your demo the code appears as the bottom line of head

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    I think I have found an alternate solution. This code was to force IE9 to emulate IE8 as it was caching the password protected pages - they were still there even after clearing the cache! Earlier versions of IE were working fine, I did some reading and it seems to be a fairly common problem. I have now inserted some code to prevent the page from being cached, this seems to be working now.

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    You can this type of code form HTML

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    I spammer a guess may be can from of this post you type




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