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Thread: .htpasswd & IE9

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    Default .htpasswd & IE9

    I have htaccess & htpasswd files protecting a directory. This works fine in IE8, Firefox & Chrome, but IE9 will not allow the user to login.
    IE 9 allows creation of an account and the login information is written to .htpasswd. If the username and password created using IE9 are taken and entered while using IE8 then login is permitted. If the username and password are entered in IE9 then all that happens is that the popup login box is regenerated, cleared and reloaded over and over - but never permits login. Security settings have been changed to medium (same as IE8 which will login) but still not working.

    Does anyone know a solution or a cause? Thanks.

    ...actually its a bit mad because my friend is using IE9 and it wont allow him access at all, Im now using IE9 and closing all the pages & clearing the cache I dont need to login - doesnt appear to be reading the .htaccess & .htpasswd properly
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    Default Re: .htpasswd & IE9

    The problem was being caused by IE9 caching the pages. Not a problem in earlier versions of IE. Even clearing the cache on IE9 wasnt working to resolve it.
    For anyone experiencing the same problem, inserting the following code under <head> seems to have worked:

    <meta http-equiv="expires" value="Thu, 16 Mar 2000 11:00:00 GMT" />
    <meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache" />

    This prevents the page from being cached. With the date set to some point in the past. Note that if like me you were using htaccess you will have to log in for it to load the old cached page again after exporting with this code in <head>, then ctrl + f5, then close all windows, then reopen. Should work.




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