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Thread: Nothing Amazing

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    Default Nothing Amazing

    A tourism information site. Still some work to do.


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    Default Re: Nothing Amazing

    Hello Iwarren, Welcome to Talkgraphics! Very nice site, however I think the extruded picture on the home page might look better on less of an angle. It's nice to see your lovely pictures of the other side of Canada
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    Welcome to TalkGraphics lwarren

    When you think about what you have done, then it is pretty amazing. You have organized a ton of information in an easy to access website. That's pretty terrific.

    I agree about the extruded photo. There is no reason to have the photo extruded like that and it does not really add to the page. But other than that things work smoothly and the information is easy to find.

    Good work.
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    some wonderful photos on there, and a lot of those scenes remind me of parts of scotland. The site is nice and I am in agreement about the extruded photo. I would also either make the sub-menu background lighter or use a light text colour.
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    I'm afraid, I too agree about the extruded photo.
    Just a plain photo would look more professional, in my opinion.

    Apart from that, well done indeed.
    I like what you've done and everything is easy to navigate and clear to see.

    Great. Just great.

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    Thank you all for all of the great comments and suggestions. They are very much appreciated. I sort of liked the extruding picture, but looking at it from both sides, I agree. So the change has been made.

    I lightened the background of the sub menu. Looks a whole lot better I think.

    Feel free to make other suggestions. Learning is good.

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    My eyesight isn't all that it used to be....I'd like to see larger fonts in the menu/navbar.
    I really dislike having to use the browser's zoom features just to read a website.

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    Othewise...I think the site looks Great!




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