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    Question Looking for video tutorials on Xtreme 5

    Hello people!
    Have been away from Web creation for some time now And as the owner of multiple programs from both Xara and others, Some time ago I was given a "gift" by Xara of Xtreme5.
    Just been having a quick look through it and am very impressed. While I do own other Xara products, I went looking for video tutorials on this product as it seems ideal for the quick few websites I need to construct ASAP and can't find any. :-(
    Would I be correct in assuming that any of The beginner packages would be covering the essential basics? Or are there such things as xtreme5 tutorials somewhere?

    P. S. I use the fabulous Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice-to-text program which works great everywhere except in Vbulletin forums - adds odd capitals all over the place - sorry.
    I did do a quick edit.

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    Default Re: Looking for video tutorials on Xtreme 5

    I don't believe there are any tutorials on how to build a complete website using Xtreme 5 and up on video.
    There are of course many video tutorials on specific tasks about and for web pages, such as navbars, full width headers, youtube placeholders, mouseovers, password protection and much more.

    You can view my Xara related video clips here ► http://www.youtube.com/user/xarausers?feature=mhee

    Xara of course have a page full of video demos here ► http://www.xara.com/us/products/webd...torials-demos/

    And don't forget Gary Priester's archive of tutorials, many of which are Web related. ► http://www.xaraxone.com/archive.htm

    Re: Your PS; I suggest the Vbulletin support forums as the best place to look for any help with that
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    Thumbs up Re: Looking for video tutorials on Xtreme 5

    Hi Sledger,
    Thanks for your quick response.I guess I wasn't quite clear enough in my post, what I was really asking about Were clips specifically relating to"How to" for Xtreme5.

    Since then it would appear that the capabilities and functions are very similar, especially across the cheaper products. So that e.g., how to insert a block of MSWord text, or create, or undo layers And other manipulations would use the same techniques.

    I will follow up on your suggested URLs, especially as I'm trying to decide whether to use Extreme5, which has impressed me considerably, Or my older version of Web designer five. In my somewhat restricted world, ease-of-use and short learning curve is always paramount!

    Shame we don't have a "RESOLVED" Button in this over-priced Forum package.....

    PS:in my older, confusing world, imagination leaves an awful lot to reality. :-=
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    Default Re: Looking for video tutorials on Xtreme 5

    My apologies..



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