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    WD6 aspx & xara for user logins

    I've read a method through microsoft asp.net website administration tool to create user logins - ie password protected areas which don't require php and which allow the user to create their login themselves online.

    Has anyone tried to integrate this with WD before with success? or does anyone have some tips?
    Im hoping it can redirect to a page created in WD (password protected page) and not have to redirect to a page created in Microsoft software.

    Also will pages from WD export with .aspx file extension?

    Thanks for any advice.

    previous thread on .asp is here http://www.talkgraphics.com/showthre...otection/page3 is there is similar way to integrate a login page using the method from MS asp.net website administration tool so a user can create their own login themselves?

    I'm needing: WD page with 'login / create account' > redirects to enter password / create account page .aspx > redirects to password protected page created in WD
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    Default Re: aspx & xara for user logins

    Also will pages from WD export with .aspx file extension?
    Except for the first page (which will always be exported as *.htm), you can name a page with any extension you like in the Page tab of Web Properties, but that won't make it an aspx coded page, it will still be regular HTML.

    Web Designer is not designed to create such 'connected' sites so whatever you do will be a compromise (placeholders with code) compared to building your pages in a coding environment such as Dreamweaver (or notepad if you're top gun code slinger )
    What Web Designer can do it is extremely good at, it is fast and efficient but it is most definitely not a professional web developing environment.

    (btw: ASP and PHP are quite similar. Both are server-side scripting languages and commonly used to connect to SQL databases)

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    Default Re: aspx & xara for user logins

    Thanks for your quick reply. My hosting doesnt have php - but does support asp & asp.net. So I have to find a way to work with it.

    Im happy to work it with placeholders - but is it possible? my index page would be index.htm, that's fine and will form the home page which anyone can view, beyond that I need just 1 page which only members can access - but the page which only members can access I'd like to create in WD - which means that this page would need to redirect back to the login page if accessed without entering the password first. I managed to achieve this using asp (thread above) but the problem was that logins (passwords) had to be pre-defined by me, the user couldn't create their own.

    So I want to set up:
    page1.htm - with a login link redirecting to login.aspx
    login.aspx - which allows users to create their own account - define their own username and password and on successful login redirects to page3.aspx
    page3.aspx - password protected page but created in WD. Accessing page3.aspx via the url but without passing login.aspx first will redirect to login.aspx

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    Default Re: aspx & xara for user logins

    Megg does your host offer database support?

    Most ASP/ASPX pages use either Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server database to store the usernames and passwords. SQL Server is often an expensive alternative because of the licensing. There is a steep learning curve with both Access and SQL Server, are you planning to maintain the database.

    Are you proficient in VBScript, JScript, or any of the .NET languages and ASP.NET?

    These are some of the things you need to consider if you are going to use ASP or ASP.NET on your site.
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    Default Re: aspx & xara for user logins

    No i dont. I've made a decision to switch over to linux. Can you recommend a good product which can create user accounts & password protect pages using php? Something simple where I can insert as a placeholder into WD pages. It needs to have the feature of allowing users to create their own logins and also to password protect pages - with a redirect if the password protected page is accessed via its URL without passing the login page first.

    Actually i think this probably lives under a new thread since it no longer relates to asp / asp.net. Thanks, I'll begin a new thread under profile management. There's been a lot of restrictions from using windows hosting.
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