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    WD6 aspx & xara for user logins

    I've read a method through microsoft asp.net website administration tool to create user logins - ie password protected areas which don't require php and which allow the user to create their login themselves online.

    Has anyone tried to integrate this with WD before with success? or does anyone have some tips?
    Im hoping it can redirect to a page created in WD (password protected page) and not have to redirect to a page created in Microsoft software.

    Also will pages from WD export with .aspx file extension?

    Thanks for any advice.

    previous thread on .asp is here http://www.talkgraphics.com/showthre...otection/page3 is there is similar way to integrate a login page using the method from MS asp.net website administration tool so a user can create their own login themselves?

    I'm needing: WD page with 'login / create account' > redirects to enter password / create account page .aspx > redirects to password protected page created in WD
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