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    Default Reduction in ArrowSize for Bitmap Fills

    I'm talking about the tool that controls bitmap fills, not arrows themselves.

    One of the ways to ensure you get a good detail is to use a high resolution image to begin with. When you use a high resolution image to fill a shape, especially a small shape, the arrows go far beyond the screen space and you must zoom out to manipulate them.

    I understand that the arrows denote the boundaries of the height and width of the bitmap, but isn't there some better way of bringing the control points closer together so that the user can manipulate them without having to zoom out?

    I propose some sort of line that indicates the boundary of the original bitmap(perhaps a draggable line that only lights up on rollover) and a small consistent arrow or widget that allows the user to control the bitmap without zooming out. In my opinion, the arrow/control widget should always be the same and the only thing that should change is a line or something that indicates the boundaries of the original bitmap.

    The left mouse button will drag the fill around. Why not have the right mouse button reduce the bitmap size when dragged to the left and increase it when dragged to the right?

    You can use the arrow keys to move the bitmap around, but in order to use the arrow keys to alter the size, you must first zoom out and find the control nodes at the end of the arrows to select them.

    EDIT: Aha, I just discovered that you can tab to select the arrows. Unfortunately this tabbing trick only works when the fill tool is selected.

    I don't know how many of you deal with this issue, but it has frustrated me for years.
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    Default Re: Reduction in ArrowSize for Bitmap Fills

    Have you tried increasing the dpi on the info bar default is 96 so if your bitmap is at 300 try changing this to 300.





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