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    Red face New Website

    [B]Let me know what you think about my new website


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    Not bad. There are a couple things I would change but I don't want to be too critical and upset you. Not sure how much feedback you really are after? I will give it anyway and hope you take it wiith the good intentions it comes with...

    1st the things I like...

    1 - I like the page background. I think it blends well with your site's theme( Heavan ).

    2 - I like how you did your drop down menus for the navbar using pictures like that. Very creative. I might even steal that idea at some time in the future.

    3 - you have a lot of info well organized and we have no problem knowing what you do and offer.

    It is a good start.

    Now for the things I don't really care for( sorry just being honest )...

    1 - The page is just too wide. Narrow it up so you don't have to scroll to see the entire page. You really want the entire page to show on the screen( left to right - top and bottom is fine for scrolling ). Use a 955 webpage size and it will fit everything on the screen for most people and at the same time give you lots of room on the page to fit content on..

    2 - The "Heavens Above" header graphic is designed for a light/white background. It is hard to read on your page and with the incomplete transparent border it doesn't look very good( sorry not meant offensive ). I would go to a place like Flamingtext.com and come up with a new one. You can do 2 seperate lines of text so it is like you have now which will allow you to fit an angel in like you have it by moving the images forward and back in the layer. Make sure the angel is transparent and when you save the text on flamingtext that the background is transparent as well.

    3 - I am not a fan of all the grahpics posted around the page that do not blend with the background. You have a picture on the background with a lot of color variation so it makes it hard to use an image with a solid background color. You can clearly see the images are in boxes with varying background colors. You really need to use transparent images so they just float on the background by themselves.

    4 - On the home page you have a search window( bottom left )that is sitting in the middle of a purple rectangle. It looks odd?

    5 - there are too many things constantly moving and changing. It gets confusing. Also, they just repeat your navbar so to me they are redundant. If you want to have soemthing that changes and shows the different things you do try just one, bigger, and centered on the page somewhere vs little boxes around the edges.

    Those are just a few things I would suggest working on. Again, not meant offensive but rather to try and give some helpful tips.

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    think the advice was followed, but you need to set a solid color background behind the image background... because at higher resolutions we see grey zones to the left and right of the screen

    see this attach http://i.imgur.com/fUjNu.jpg

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    Thanks for the advise much appreciated..Will look into the things you mentioned...Thanks again

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    The title graphic/animation should have been created over a similar color to the page background instead of a white background/page.

    The white background over which the graphic was created is causing the white fringe.

    Recreate the animation and do it over a deep purple background and you will be a happy camper.
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    Thanks for that Gary..

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    Hi Jason, I think the site looks absolutely fine having a seductive mystical feel to it and I agree the drop down photos on the navbar work well. If it is OK to say there are only two things I would change. (1) I would darken the purple panels just a touch so that they are not so much in your face this would help to show off the pictorial background a little more and make the text easier to read.
    (2) I would also lose the Microsoft sunset it’s just so 5 minutes ago (but that’s just me)
    There again all in all a great looking sit.
    PS. The use of Ariel is a mistake, never mix a Roman Serif typeface with a Grotesque Sans Serif use a typeface such as Frutiger or Gill Sans.




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