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    Default Impossible requests

    Something I would to be able to make a brush out of 3D extrusions. I think it would be cool to be able to draw a line of a shape or series of shapes that all have either the same or random extrusions.

    I would also like the shape to be the 'zero' point so when I drag the object extrudes ONLY in the direction I drag, not both. I would also like to be able to fill the sides with bitmaps.

    I have a feeling that this is either impossible or impractical to achieve.

    However, barring this, I would like to be able to turn an extrusion(or anything else into a bitmap), use it as a fill for a shape and then be able to make a brush with that shape and it's bitmap locked to it. While I might do things to the line, what I won't want to do is be able to edit each individual bitmap. That would be crazy complex.

    But suffice to say, bitmap filled shapes being turned into a brush would be awesome. As would skeletal strokes implemented as customizable arrow head and dash patterns with head and tail controls.

    There is so much that is 'almost' there that it makes me ache.

    A realistic request would be better control sliders for extrusions. It's a real pain to have to go through the dropdown to keeps switching values and only have one slider. If the goal is to save space in the toolbar area, create a palette that has a single slider available for each of the variables along with numerical entry. This would make life much simpler. It's not necessarily adding new functionality, it's making already existing functionality more accessible and simultaneous.
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    Default Re: Impossible requests

    You can use a bitmap to create a brush and you can convert an extrusion to a bitmap filled shape. Create your extrusion and convert to editable shapes you will now have a shape with a bit map fill. you can use this or any bitmap to create a brush in the same way you would create a brush with a vector object or group once you have created your brush click the edit brush button on the info bar and on the fill properties tab clear the check mark from the tile fills box and you can edit your brush just as you normally would. One thing though you can not use named colours on a bitmap brush to make it colour changeable.
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