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    Default Jazz up that dummy text!

    Do you ever find Lorum ipsum text to be boring? Here is a blog post that lists 12 lorem ipsum generators that generate dummy text in variety of themes. Cupcakes, bacon, TV quotes and booze are a few of the generators on this list.

    12 lorem ipsum generators
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    Default Re: Jazz up that dummy text!

    Lorizzle ipsizzle dolor sit amet, shiznit the bizzle sizzle. sapizzle velizzle, shizznit volutpizzle, da bomb pimpin’, fizzle vizzle, arcu. Ass eget tortizzle. Gizzle eros. Boom shackalack izzle dolor dapibizzle turpis tempizzle fo shizzle mah nizzle fo rizzle, mah home g-dizzle. Maurizzle mah nizzle nibh et turpizzle. Yippiyo izzle tortizzle. Gizzle rhoncizzle dang.

    In my advertising days we would slip in a few things like clientus moronos, productio specius, to see if anyone was paying attention.

    Fun link
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    Default Re: Jazz up that dummy text!

    Nice link..glad you posted it...never could understand that lorim ipsom thingy..
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    Default Re: Jazz up that dummy text!

    Thanks Frances. Funny thing is that I also had run across that awhile back.
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