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    Default Re: Xara Designer Pro 8 - new options

    Quote Originally Posted by mwenz View Post
    Have you checked the CMYK output in a bitmap editor? I usually get extremely close to exact readouts and they do print precisely as designed. Usually any deviation from the CMYK values I get are due to slight rounding differences that will not affect print.

    I only quickly made an XDP drawing that resembled yours. But in the screen shots below, the print will be as vibrant as CMYK allows and the values are a near exact match.

    Take care, Mike
    I'm not speaking about colours. Look at patch of light, what happened to it after export

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    Default Re: Xara Designer Pro 8 - new options

    When is the DP8 release scheduled? I'd like to see everthing
    in DP7 and MX8 merged into DP8 along with some Magix Magic
    Last edited by UnmeteredIIS; 28 April 2012 at 03:05 AM. Reason: When will DP8 be out?

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    Default Re: Xara Designer Pro 8 - new options

    Xara never leaks release dates for a new product. We will only know when they release a new version.

    Historically the Web Designer version is released in early spring, which has happened with the release of Web Designer MX and Web Designer MX Premium.

    The Designer Pro version always contains all the features of the Web Designer version released that same year. This mean the next release of Designer Pro will also have all the Web Designer MX Premium features.
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    Default Re: Xara Designer Pro 8 - new options

    Quote Originally Posted by UnmeteredIIS View Post
    When is the DP8 release scheduled?
    Based on the last several releases of the "pro" version with all of its various name changes, it looks like May/June would be a good guess...

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    Default Re: Xara Designer Pro 8 - new options

    Hello everyone, I apologize now for the bad translation
    If XDP8 there was the possibility to change the html code interacting with programs I'd be glad, because I always update me the other sites because there is no possibility to do so with programs like dreamweawer or directly through the browser.
    I would be very helpful, so anyone who wants a site with a news page you can update the site directly from the browser, now you can not in any way.
    Sites created with the new XDP8 can be modified and or updated as sites created with other programs, where you can edit directly through the browser or html programs enabling them to make them more dynamic?
    This option allows anyone to manage and update content with a few simple steps. Each web page becomes editable directly from Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.
    But with sites created with XDP7 is not possible!!

    Greetings Milena

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    Default Re: Xara Designer Pro 8 - new options

    Xara Designer (or Web Designer) are not CMS creators or HTML editors.
    You could download the trial of Web Designer MX to test the new features of version 8 right now.. These new web features will be included in the next version of Xara Designer.




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