Dear Xara,

My Wish List:

- Seamless pattern creation tool (e.g. turn shapes and other graphics into repeating patterns)
- Advance Brush Creation Tool
- For example be able to make a stripe brush out of multiple colors and then break it apart if necessary and edit each shape seperately to see what I mean take a look at this illustrator tutorial (
- New Perspective tool for drawing in 3D see video for more details (
- lastly the ability to organize pages in different way (for example being able to have folders in page & layer gallery to store pages that are related to each other for example if you have products that are related to a category called "A" then product goes their..... if you have a product that belongs to category "C" then add product their and so on..... any pages not in a folder would just be consider un-organized) By having the ability to place pages in folders will be easier to manage website especially if it gets really big like 30 pages or larger.