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    Default Help Identifying Font

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    Looking for this font name.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Help Identifying Font

    Hello and welcome to TalkGraphics, Garcon.

    The font that is used in the graphic you attached to your post is called Trump Mediaeval (or very close to it), and you can get it for $26 through MyFonts.com.

    But I suspect you think the typeface came with the fancy swashes, the additions to the stems of two of the letters. Sadly, this font doesn't come this way—a designer most likely modified the characters by hand, using a product such as Xara. I did a quick knock-off here; the wireframe view in Xara should give you an idea of how to recreate this logo.

    Letterhead Fonts has several typefaces such as Pilsner that come with these swashes; they are also extremely expensive fonts. It's cheaper to buy a good Roman style typeface and then just design around it, as I've done.

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    My Best,


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    Default Re: Help Identifying Font

    And, once you are comfortable with Xara software, one can simply redraw the two characters themselves instead of blocking them out. The example below took about 10 minutes and because Xara can produce vector art, is infinitely scalable to fit the needed purpose.

    Take care, Mike

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