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    Default Help with Web Verification Process...

    Morning all!

    Can I please ask for your assistance. I need help with McAfee's website verification process. It specifically asks me to put the folloing filename [ auto-evolution.co.uk2483097ecfbf662d980c0a9ae1c9a3b670a 18b16.html ] into the root Web directory on the Web server of the site you are claiming to own. Now my question my come across a bit daft, but, if I don't ask I won't know! So my question is: do I have to go to my web host to put the above file name on the server or, is there a place within my index page using the Xara software I can insert it so that when published it'll automatically go onto the web server?

    thank you!

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    Default Re: Help with Web Verification Process...

    Morning AutoEvo

    Not a daft question at all. Just create a new, blank document in the same XAR/WEB file that is your website, call it the silly, long McAfee name they've given you, and when you next do an upload inside Xara, the McAfee server will look for your newly created file, find it in the same place as the index.htm(l) of your website and will be a happy bunny.

    Hope that answers your question
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