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    Default What is the main difference?

    I have worked for a years with Adobe Illustrator, but now I need to learn to create graphics in 3D. Culd anyone explain me the main difference between 3D Max and Maya? I have spent some days to read about both of them, but the more I read, the more confused I become.

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    Default Re: What is the main difference?

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    I have sent a link to this thread to a real 3D expert who should be able to explain the differences. Check back soon.
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    Default Re: What is the main difference?

    Hi Rymond—

    3DS Max was and always has been an AutoDesk product, right back to DOS, while Maya was an acquisition several years ago from Alias|Wavefront, a Macintosh-based company.

    Some people love what AutoDesk is doing to advance Maya in-house now, while some purists detest the new product.

    My own experience is that 3DStudio Max is marginally easier to learn without taking courses, while Maya is more difficult but it is the standard for most Hollywood production houses. IOW, if you want to get into Hollywood with CG experience, using Maya would be your ticket...okay, part of your ticket; experience is a given.

    Now, both these products cost as much as a good used car, so let me ask you why you've chosen either of these products if what you want to do is create 3D graphics, and you're coming from Illustrator? Neither Illustrator nor Xara experience would prepare anyone for working in 3 dimensions, although knowing how to create a path helps because modeling programs are vector-based.

    The basic edition of Cinema 4D is about $900, 1/3rd or less of the sticker shock of AutoDesk products, you can upgrade to add better rendering capabilities in the future, and C4D is exceptionally easy for artists to learn, because the programmers are all artists. Luxology also has a world-class product called modo, which I use all the time, and it's a little hard to learn than Cinema 4D, but there is a lot of community support for it and video tutorials, and it's about half the entry price compared to 3DS or Maya.

    If you want to dip your toes into 3D for free, there are demo versions of all of these products and there is also an open source 3D modeling and rendering program called Blender that a lot of Xaraists use and get great results.

    Oh, by the way, I'm not certain, but I believe 3D Studio Max is Windows-only, while the other products I've mentioned are cross-platform and come in Win and Mac flavors.

    I hope this helps un-confuse a little!

    My Best,

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