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    Default xara 3-D version 7 and a web design program

    hello all, I have version 7 or 3-D maker, I had a recent problem in my animations were coming out small compared to version 6, but I have fixed that problem resetting the software. For some reason it has worked, I have not done anything to version 7 except installed it previously and was making banners.

    I'm having trouble regarding a previous problem on the forum, making a text with a rotating heart in the middle. I selected the heart from Webdings and I want to put text each side of it. I can rotate the heart by selecting the proper to 2 rotate it, but then I get the whole text rotating as well and can't seem to do it.

    I was given a example of half a dozen different animations on another thread on some wonderful people on the forum and want to duplicate that for myself to do other animations just can't seem to get the heart rotating and the text and still.

    On another matter which is off topic with regard to this program that I would like some advice if possible from the wonderful members with knowledge.

    I used to 3-D program to make banners for my friends on a chat streaming website.

    On that website, I have my own profile which is a basic one they supply. I want to design my own one what other people have done that they get people to do it for them that are in that sort of game of business and we are designing.

    I believe there is some programs that this company makes that may help me to do that.
    I was told by one of the fellows that I would need to be able to use software that does css, I'm not sure what that is, but people would know I suppose.

    I do not want to spend a lot of money and find out that the program does not work for me to do that profile.

    If anybody can help with any of these two matters I would appreciate it as I am a quadriplegic and I enjoy making banners for people because I really appreciate it and it is getting frustrating trying to work out why it is not doing what other people have made a sample of, try to work out what I am doing wrong as I at the stage of pulling her my hair out trying to do it when I know it is possible to do.

    Also on another thread I was asking if there is any more designs available for xara customer support has advised me that you can download an extra pack once version 7 is installed which I have done, but there is still not that many extra available designs.

    And another thing, I know I'm being a bit greedy in asking for this one message to the forum at I am making a button in the shape of a heart for instance and I want to make writing on it, the text is too big for that banner heart, I have tried to fix it but cannot. Is it possible to do is I have tried to search the text help with the program and does not mention anything from what I can see.

    Once again am sorry to ask all of the different questions in this one message but thought I would give it a go to all the wonderful people with knowledge on here and have helped me in the past. Regards Mark Sydney Australia

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    Default Re: xara 3-D version 7 and a web design program

    Hello, Mark,
    most of your post I cannot help with, but I have looked at the heart button. I don't use buttons myself in Xara3D, but I had a play with the heart button that came with the sample designs for Xara3D v6. I don't know how much text you are trying to use, but you will be limited to about 150 characters anyway, and the more you type into the button, the smaller the text will become. Xara3D will reduce the text size to let it fit both horizontally and vertically within the button shape. To maximise text size, try to keep the overall shape of the text area to a square area, that is, roughly the same wide as deep.

    You should try to keep the message short and sweet!





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