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    Default My first Flash question

    It's not as if I haven't got things to do but Paul has got me wondering about flash animation.

    I've created the first frame - it's a blue star.
    I've then copied the frame and changed the colour of the star to red.
    Set both frame times to 2sec.
    'Loop continuously' is set for both frames.

    Now when I preview the flash animation, the blue star fades into the red one, BUT, then the red star does not fade into the blue one. It just jumps to the blue one.

    How can you make the blue star fade into the red and then for the red star fade into the blue.

    The only way I could do this was to create a third frame with the blue star and set the frame timing to 0.01sec for the third frame.
    Surely this can't be the way?!

    In the attached file, if frame 3 wasn't there, then the animation would not flow from blue to red to blue to red etc...
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