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    Default Nesting Objects?

    Hi there - extremely new to Xara7, so I don't know if this is the right term. I am trying to understand this and think i am missing something.

    I am rebuilding a site and have another url to post it to until i am done so I can work on it freely without business interruption. I know there are some things wrong (weird menu shadowing, etc..) but I'm just starting to play with the design.

    One thing I can't figure out and is probably simple is - if you go to:

    and go down to the middle of the page below the slideshow, there is a square with a theatre curtain and text, photo, etc. along with some colored bars coming from the sides.

    I built that in layers by using a square object, beveled it, added a photo, and another, etc...... I'll want that to become one item that i can move about together instead of moving one piece of it at a time. I can't figure out how to bind it together into a single object, or can't I?


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    Default Re: Nesting Objects?

    select the objects you want to be together and Ctrl+g (groups them) making them on object, but this will bring the new object to the fron so you have to move the objct backwards.



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