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    Default Photopaint 9: How do I make an image background transparent?

    Hi all, this is driving me completely insane..How can I take an image, in this case a logo, make the background transparent so when I use it as a message board avatar the background matches the forum background color?

    So far I have been able to make the background color transparent using the Transparent Color Selection tool, but when I save it (as a GIF), then upload it to the forum I'm trying to use it on, the white background from the original logo jpeg is still there..

    I'm ready to throw my PC through my 3rd story window, LOL...

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    Default Re: Photopaint 9: How do I make an image background transparent?

    In the Export dialog box, after clicking OK in the Save To box (and saving as GIF), the "GIF Export" box should come up. On the bottom, under Transparency, click Image Color, then click the eyedropper and select the white part of the image to be transparent.
    Hope that helps!

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    Default Re: Photopaint 9: How do I make an image background transparent?

    I've done it many times, so I'll describe the steps in case you're doing anything different:

    * Mask the image and fill the background with a colour near to the page colour the image is going to sit in (makes colour fringing less noticeable). If it won't fill, invert the mask and try again.

    * Once filled, remove the mask.

    * Convert the image mode to 'Paletted (8-bit)', Optimised 256 colours (reduce the number of colours if you want to keep the file size small). Click OK.

    * Go to: 'File > Save As' and choose 'GIF - Compuserve Bitmap' from the 'File of types' drop-down box.

    * Type a file name and click Save. The GIF Export dialogue box will appear.

    * Click the Image colour button.

    * Click the eyedropper button and take the eyedropper to the left-hand image.

    * Hold the eyedropper over the part to be transparent and click the mouse-button.

    * Click OK.

    You've probably done most of that already but maybe something there will help.




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