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    Default Web Designer 6 update

    We have released an update for Web Designer 6. A list of changes since the initial release can be viewed below.

    Installing the update

    Select Update Program from the Help Menu
    Select the close button from the program update splash screen
    Click on the Start button to begin the update check.
    Click on the Download update button
    The download process will begin. Upon completion, click OK on the dialog window which will cause Web Designer to close and the installer to display. Complete the installation to update the program.

    Update to version

    - Fill Gallery now working correctly
    - Zoom icons fixed in the Export dialog
    - You can now drag menu items in the Navbar dialog to re-order, or move items from one menu to another.
    - Re-constructing a navbar after editing the master button now updates all buttons immediately
    - Text Tool font menu presentation improved
    - Web Properties dialog Page and Website tab multi-line text fields now work properly
    - Constrained rotation (rotate with Ctrl held down) now works reliably
    - Shapes with transparency applied and no fill color now render correctly

    Many thanks

    Xara team

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    Default Re: Web Designer 6 update

    Great work..Thanks!

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    Default Re: Web Designer 6 update

    Installed with no problems. Quick work, thanks
    JOHN -XaReg (FB) XaReg (DB - ignore prompt to register)
    Windows 10 [Anniversary] pro Intel Pentium CPU G630 @ 2.70Ghz RAM: 4 GB; 64-bit x64

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    Default Re: Web Designer 6 update

    Note: "Update to version" should actually read

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    Default Re: Web Designer 6 update


    Small question:
    What is the main difference of version 5 and 6 ?
    and how can we upgrade to 6 from magix ?

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    Default Re: Web Designer 6 update




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