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    Bug Bug? Placeholders with Flash animation and Link attribute

    I think this may be a bug. I've included two WEB files for comparison.
    The ZIP file includes the flash animations used in the .WEB files.

    It seems if more there is more than one Placeholder, each with a link to a different PopUp Layer and but with the same flash animation, then only one of them links to the correct PopUp layer.

    First, preview the WEB file that DOES work and trigger both of the animations and let them run concurrently and then click on their repective stop buttons to see how things should work.

    Second, preview the WEB file that does NOT work.
    - Start the animation for C2 in the lower-right of the page.
    - Stop the C2 animation (this works).

    - Start the C2 animation again, but don't stop it.
    - Start the animation for C1.
    - Now try to stop the C1 animation by clicking on its stop sign. The animation for C2 is stopped instead.

    I checked the links and object names and they seem to be properly assigned. There is a javasrcipt in the Website Tracker for each WEB file that controls how the PopUp Layer behavior.
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