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    Unhappy Character spacing

    Am I just missing the capability to increase text character spacing - even a basic word processor can do this?
    I also produce a lot of videos for the interent but the last thing I want to do is let systems like youtube ruin the quality of my productions but it doesn't appear this program can handle direct insertion of any type video??

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    Default Re: Character spacing

    Hi Sam,

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    Web Browsers don't support character spacing so that feature was removed for Web Designer.
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    Default Re: Character spacing

    That's correct. Even other Xara products offer very accuarte spacing control, but because it's not supported reliably by browsers (some browsers make some half hearted attempt, typically incompatoble with other browsers) so we could not provide tracking or kerning control.

    A main criteria is that we are as accurate on screen in Web Designer, as we can possibly be, and as consistent as possible across all browsers.




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