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    Default Van Design Request For Plumber!


    I'm posting a request, wasn't sure which section I could put this in.

    I've started my own Plumbing business and have a small white van (citroen berlingo)

    I was wondering is there anyone that could help me design decals for the side of my van?

    The company is called "J.R Plumbing"
    I would also like water to be in the picture somewhere, like a drip dripping into a puddle and making that riple effect, along with my mobile number to contact me, can use 0771234567* for design purposes and I can change to my actual number when I have it printed on my van.

    If someone could come up with something I would be most greatful as I'm hopeless at designing things, and hey who knows if you live near me, some free plumbing work could come your way

    Thanks in advance!
    Contact: john506 [at] hotmail.co.uk
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    Default Re: Van Design Request For Plumber!

    Hi John,
    Welcome to the forum. You'll be told on the forum that we don't do "freebies" and that if you attempt a design yourself, we'll be glad to help.
    If you don't have the drawing/design skills, or are unused to graphics applications, then you should try to keep your design simple. (see attached).
    Also, amend your email address to john506(at)hotmail.co.uk on the forum, or anywhere that it could be picked up by spambots.
    Show us what you can do, we will be here for advice and suggestions.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	plumbing.jpg 
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    ** Detailed "Create A Spinning Logo Tutorial" is available in .pdf format for download at this link **
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    Default Re: Van Design Request For Plumber!

    That's good news though. I am just starting to learn designing and it's really a great help if you are going to teach me on how to make one. Also, in the meantime, I would really need your help on the designs. Thanks for posting this information.
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    Default Re: Van Design Request For Plumber!

    new york may need plumbers at the moment - but you are spam

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    Default Re: Van Design Request For Plumber!

    See my comment in the mod forum Steve.
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    Default Re: Van Design Request For Plumber!

    Hello John,

    I agree with Bob's opinion that it is worth spending the time to learn the software a bit (we will help!) and make something simple, but that is your own design. It will be much more rewarding that way...

    That being said, I only had about a half-hour, but decided to play around with your "idea" and so here is something that might be a springboard for your own design.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	JRPlumbing.png 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	JRPlumbing2.png 
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    UPDATE: (edit) I didn't realize this request was old and had gotten bumped. Still, it's more like play than work, so was still fun. Thanks for the PM heads up, friend.

    Take care,

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    Default Re: Van Design Request For Plumber!

    James, I like design #2 better than #1.

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    Default Re: Van Design Request For Plumber!

    Brooklyn Plumbe... sounds like a David Beckham offspring name
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