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    Default Removing background with photo paint?

    Hi, does anyone remove background from photos with Corel photo paint? Would Photoshop be better suited for this? It seems like an awful lot of work, and I'm not acheiveing results I'm happy with.
    Thanks, Mike p.s. I'm using photo paint X3
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    Default Re: Removing background with photo paint?

    Hi Mike - welcome to TG.

    I'll answer your last question first.
    YES!!!! The is a better tool than PS and PP, Xara Xtreme is well suited to 'knocking out' objects from their backgrounds.

    Your first question.
    In PhotoPaint you can use the Lasso Mask tool (A) to draw around the object you want, then copy or cut (depending on what you're trying to achieve) the selection to the clipboard and paste into a new document.

    It's a lot clumsier than Xara Xtreme.
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    Default Re: Removing background with photo paint?

    this is in the wrong forum - this is Corel Painter not PhotoPaint

    PhotoPaint is part of CorelDraw Graphics suite, not a separately sold program - more relevant in the Corel Draw forum I would have thought....
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    Default Re: Removing background with photo paint?

    You're right Steve.. Now moved. Thanks




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