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    Default Coral Draw x3 graphic Suite

    Hi every1 - this is just how I feel - I have recently purchased the above for my job & need to learn how to use it - & i have no idea. I have been left to sink or swim. I so want to swim. I have never created anything esp technical - so any guides as to how to get started - tutorials would be so life saving..
    Any adv would be grately appreciated.
    kind thanks Parv

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    Default Re: Coral Draw x3 graphic Suite

    You can pickup a lot just by watching Video tutorials.

    You could try *Here* or *Here*

    Once you grasp the basics, you just need lot's of playtime...
    And in the case of CD...lot's of patience

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    Default Re: Coral Draw x3 graphic Suite

    I'd recommend totally exhausting all the tutorials, if any, that came with the suite. The reason is, at least the ones that aren't too focused on marketing, but learning rather, is you will find they are pretty clearly made, and typically somewhat exciting rather than boring.

    Youtube is OK for stuff, but I find that unless it is well made, they are typically too blurry or far away to see menus and are more just show off type movies.

    I searched google for x3 tutorials, and here are some on the Corel site.


    You said you were left to sink or swim, but the question is, what do you need to make? are you doing a newsletter, or something for a presentation? Or what?

    See if the templates available from Corel are useful, (corel has always been big on available resources, they used to provide this HUGGGEEE library of clipart pieces back in the day, it was like the largest one you could buy.) so I'm assuming you will get some resources with a CD that's part of your suite.

    good luck and consider coming back and posting specific questions, such as, how do I draw "x" or how do I do gradients or fades or something like that.

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    Default Re: Coral Draw x3 graphic Suite

    Nothing like necessity to bring out the desire to learn. Especially if your job is on the line!

    I say poke around the tuts and jump in on a project!

    If you have troubles, come back here . . . we got your back and we're willing to share our knowledge.

    Just make sure when you ask, you ask something specific. We're more likely to know the answer in that case. An example of what not to ask would be, how do I make a brochure? An example of an appropriate question would be, how can I add a drop shadow to a shape? Also, posting an example always helps.

    Best of luck Parv!


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    Default Re: Coral Draw x3 graphic Suite

    Many thanks for all your replies. Basically I need to create adverts to put together in publications my company produce. I have had customers unindate me with emails of their existing artwork in many formats i.e. coral draw file V12 or lower, PDF;EPS;JPG or Microsfor word and I really dont know how to start. Some clients have asked that I create an ad from scratch for them ??? So i will search & play, but I know I am going to have to come back here for some serious help - if thats ok - also I know you have asked that when asking for help I ask for specifics - well I can only but rey & use what terminology I am aware for this type of work. Please bear with me all of you & a serious thanks for your advise so far.




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