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    Default Re: How To Create A Simple Flash Slideshow

    nice work remi and juergen. thax for share . here is my flash work check out


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    I have to try this thanks Guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barrym67 View Post

    With you help I managed to get a slideshow on the go. Please tell me how you managed to get the images to "fade in" and out. I would apprecitat it.
    Thanks a stack.
    Maybe this is Taboo but I purchased Wondershare 's Flash gallery creator and it does great with transitions and exporting to HTML or just a simple SWF I have 2 slide shows on my media page of my site.

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    Hi Barrym67. I would recommend you do not use flash as a slide show as it is not cross browser compatable (dosnt work on apple products at all) and that you should use Jquery instead. Much simpler to code and works on all browsers. As a web designer of over 10 years I can assure you very few people now use flash for anything more than games... Jquery is the way forward.
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    Hello barry100, Welcome to Talkgraphics.

    I have edited your post and removed your link as we don't allow links in the first few posts in an effort to control spamming.
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