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    Default Corel Photo-Paint Versus Adobe Photoshop

    I'm sure this has already been talked about at some point, but I'm new to the site and need it repeated.

    What are the differences between "Corel Photo-Paint" and "Adobe Photoshop"?

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    Default Re: Corel Photo-Paint Versus Adobe Photoshop

    I've never used either, but do know there is a free trial for both. I would suggest trying before you decide on one or the other. Corel offers Paint in a package with Corel Draw and Trace and with an upgrade is still considerably cheaper than Photo Shop. Photo Shop has become an industry standard which others tend to emulate.

    With that said, it is the work flow environment that you work in that is important and the ability to do what you want.

    Try them both on the trials see what you think would be my advice.

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    Default Re: Corel Photo-Paint Versus Adobe Photoshop

    Here is an article on "Paint Shop Pro vs. Photoshop":
    (no info on Photo-Paint)

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    Default Re: Corel Photo-Paint Versus Adobe Photoshop

    PhotoPaint can do nearly everything Photoshop can and some things it can't. So it depends upon what you need it to do. There are different tools in both but many do comparable things to one another. If your object is to impress people with what you are able to spend, get Photoshop. If you want to be able to output .pdf and any other format and keep money in your wallet, PhotoPaint could be for you.

    If you output very large format work, Photoshop manages its memory better. However, if you want a program that doesn't have to use as many plugins because more are built in, PhotoPaint could be your program.

    Yes, you get more if you get PhotoPaint, you get DRAW -- a competitor of Illustrator, with Photoshop you only get Photoshop, you can out put top notch .pdf's with more logical options to output what you are looking for. You have a much better print preview. You can easily output a clipping path. You also get a fabulous vector tracing program that does things many others can't. You can customize your program with scripts to optimize your output. You can buy it new for about what the upgrade for Illustrator alone costs. DRAW does more than just what Illustrator does by far as it can produce up to a fifty page booklet. PhotoPaint, like Photoshop, you have only one page you will work with. But the multi-page ability in DRAW is comparable in many ways to Quark and InDesign but easier to use plus you have full illustration abilities with it and you can convert and to a bitmap right click, edit bitmap and save and you are back in DRAW, it is very fast. In comparison, DRAW's speed outclasses Illustrator in the real world. When you buy Adobe in order to get all the functions of CorelDRAW/PhotoPaint you will spend on Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Illustrator, and InDesign. Even if you figured a minumum of $400.00 a program which is insanely low, times four, you have $1200 so many people buy the Creative Suite. You better be able to be more productive to get that investment back becasue each one you will then upgrade individually and the drain on the wallet never stops. To have Adobe emulate DRAW's advancement year after year, only often ten to fifteen years later. Illustrator still does not have interactive tools. DRAW and Xara do. And by far Xara has the best fill and transparency tools, better than DRAW, but if you need a program for print, DRAW is the best investment. How much does DRAW cost? New from Corel site is the most expensive. And many people prefer 12 to X3 though X3's PhotoPaint is so far their best. If you can buy it from the Academic Software Superstore on line student version, you get the best price or on EBay. Still fully registerable copies. Buying Adobe is like buying a car and then finding out that wheels are an accessory item you need to buy separately, and the engine, you were expecting that came with the car? Adobe products are the most pirated because they are so over inflated in price.

    It is the output which you are looking for. A more expensive product will not give you more inspiration. PhotoPaint can output to all the same formats. Photoshop has ImageReady and that is a useful thing, not that you cannot do about the same thing in Paint, I just find that part nice for making roll overs, but if you know how to integrate your own Java script, you don't really need to have it.

    If you want pressure sensitivity on all brushes, however, Photoshop is for you. If you want better brushes and the ability to do texturized paint Painter is for you. BTW, Painter is by Corel Corporation.

    Adobe doesn't have much competition, if Corel and Xara go belly up, there is no end to the price we will be paying and through the nose. Stylishly broke.

    I don't like monopolies.
    Every day's a new day, "draw" on what you've learned.

    Sally M. Bode




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